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Our Classes


Certified educational professionals with international experience in order to help your child learn and understand. We are here to provide individualized instruction based on your school's curriculum or gifted and talented program. 


  • Ages 3 - 5 (Early English)

  • Grade 1 (All subjects)

  • Grade 2 (All subjects)

  • Grade 3 (All subjects)

  • Grade 4 (All subjects)

  • Grade 5 (All subjects)

  • Now offering grade 6- Math and Science assistance

Events & Workshops

Early Learning | Ages 3-5 (Currently enrolling)


Students will learn the basics of the English language while developing their understanding of phonics and comprehension. Each class will be focused on your child's current and adapting interests.


Grade 1-5 (Online- current enrolling) (In-person case by case)


Offering online and in-person instruction. Your child will have the opportunity to confidently exceed their potential both inside and outside the classroom. Our classes allow your student the chance to holistically understand the school curriculum, while also having the opportunity to ask questions not covered while in the classroom.


Grade 6 (Online- current enrolling) (In-person case by case)


Math and Science individualized instruction that allows your student to be able to build a solid foundation that is covered in the influential year of grade 6. The teachers will assess your student regularly in order to track progress and target areas of growth. 

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